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Cycling guide Malaysia; it is risky business Part 2 JB accident horror: Teen cyclists Killed 18 February 2017

Cyclist ...motorcyclist what's next pedestrians? Malaysia is quick to respond on social internet to pass judgement and be a web mob. Our behaviour over the Net have indication of an outward  negative attitude towards morality and ethics. This last couple of months have seen the dignity of fellow humans ,children  ,sons,young adult life cut short after a vehicular incident at 3am : push to the mud by social,political quips on the net. This is skewed further with the public outcry over a dog owner abusing a dog, it garnered more sympathy towards the helpless dog.

Kids riding bicycle late at night is not a crime! All public roads albeit motor highways are by right accessible by pedestrians,cyclists,lorries,buses,cattle and stray dogs.

The underpass.

Most underpass in Malaysia have no full emergency lane, the same as the overpass. Poor road planning also meant that its slip road is no safer either. Slip-road  with small merging lanes to smaller connecting street can cut in and can post…
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Sabah Tongod Landslip kills 8, 1 missing ,with 2 known survivor

The rampant development for oil palm planting and new settlement in central Sabah must give priority for general safety and rescue. Suitable and stable areas for housing must be planned ahead and not be build near landslip prone slopes.
Excerpt STAR newspaper Monday, 3 April 2017 Seven missing after landslip

KOTA KINABALU: Seven people, including five children, from a family are missing after a landslip swept away their wooden house into a river.
The five are two 13-year-old boys and three eight-year-olds whose gender are not yet known.
The rest are two 17-year-old girls.
During the incident on Saturday, they were with four others at a wor­ker’s quarters in an oil palm estate when the landslip struck and carried away their home into the river.
Two adults and two other children – a boy and a girl – were rescued by villagers who saw them clinging to debris in the river.
The landslip in Kampung Alitang, Tongod, some 200km from here, had struck along the Crocker Range in C…

NISSAN X-Trail 2WD 2.0cc (2016) Review

FOR  Flexible interior with 7-seat option; great value.All round camera when reversing or Parking (its a godsend )Light responsive steering lighter than my trusty Proton Inspira AGAINST : Engine short on oomph.  2016 Nissan X-Trail  7 Seat  2.0L

The Nissan X-Trail has a big cabin with brilliantly configurable second-row seating, and it is one of the few mid-sized SUVs you can get with standard seven seats. It is good to drive, and all but the least costly models have competent in car entertainment and all round situational camera. You can specify a peppy petrol engine or a very thrifty diesel. I use the car for urban journeys and long highway trips
Response from the petrol engine around town is responsive ,light touch of the pedal and it goes smoothly . Compared with my trusty Inspira the steering is very smooth and easy to steer.
Driving at 80km/h on your space-saver spare, until you can repair the full-sized flat tyre.
The X-Trail is available in front-wheel drive, or four-wheel dri…

Proton Inspira 2.0P review

Update 3# March 2017

5 years and the car is still very responsive in its pick up and maneuvering. Did body touch up and paint last month. The entire left side and front hood gt a new coat of paint for around RM 700. Haven't clock much mileage on this car for the last 2 years. Battery is about to go soon since the last one 2 years ago.

Update 2# July 2015

Almost 3 years in the front tires were getting worn off,replaced it with Michelin Energy XM2. Will replace the whole set in 3-6 month time. The long ride back for Raya was great no problems with its pick up with full load and passengers. A bit of the engine high pitch whine when stuck for 2 hours plus going from Kluang to Batu Pahat. Once the engine manage to rest ,the journey back had no engine whine :)

Update 1# November 2014

2 years driving it and no big complains. The rear bumper really took a couple of nicks at the parking bay and a Merc near NPE toll plaza. Have not been able to go to the workshop to touch it up. Plan to do it…

ASB 2016

Continue from;my previous blog entry here, It saddens me again to see as of 2016,only 79.12% of ASNB members could only invest in 10,000 units and below. A 1.3 % increase from 2015 which is a declining trend. Thus the majority of ASNB (79.12% from 9.1087 million shareholders; 7.2 million individuals) could only be rewarded/benefit via dividends from only 4.48 % of ASNB total capitalization. Again less 0.4% from 2015,this is a very alarming trend. The gross total payout and bonuses apportioned by PNB were RM 9.65 billion ; RM 478.71 million respectively.

95.52% of the capital in ASNB are from only 20.88% of the total number of individual share holders(1.901 million individual Bumiputeras can save 10,000 units and up)
Not only that ,this marks as the worst bonus/dividend combine payout in ASNB history. At dividend 7.25%/Bonus 0.5%.
Hence, this sets as a personal precedent to how subsidies/schemes that are sound are still not benefiting the majority. I am at lost to how subsidies should…

List of disaster,natural disaster and epidemic in Malaysia 2010-2017

List of natural disaster and epidemic in Malaysia 2010-2016,

Dengue epidemic (2010- until now)

As of 2016, the official mass media in Malaysia downplay the severity of the dengue epidemic citing that the number of cases/deaths has been reduced from 2015,failing to mention the new broader uptrend of up to 50%i n death cases from the period of 2000-2010.

'Excerpt from Epidemiology of Dengue Disease in Malaysia (2000– 2012): A Systematic Literature Review
Abdul Hamid Mohd-Zaki1*, Jeremy Brett2, Ellyana Ismail3, Ma─▒¨na L’Azou4
1 Vector Borne Disease Sector, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2 Sanofi Pasteur, Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore, 3 Sanofi Pasteur, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia, 4 Global Epidemiology Department, Sanofi Pasteur, Lyon, France
Dengue disease remains a major public health concern in Malaysia and is likely to remain endemic for a long time. There has been an increase in the incidence of all forms of dengue disease over 2000–2012. The predomin…

Pebble Time (Retail) Review March 2017 update

Update #6  March 2017
I am altering using both Pebble Steel and Pebble Time to maximise battery life. I don't think I could
replace the Time batteries as easily as the Pebble Steel. Sourcing parts is the difficult part. I guess end 2017 I have to jump to Android Smartwatches. Anyways dbrand had a sale so I got the black brush outer frame with yellow inner frame decal to spruce it up for the new year :)

Update #5 December 2016

The Pebble brand is now dead. It's previous watches are no longer in warranty and support app will continue to run until end of 2017. Hostile takeover of tech companies are killing innovation globally.Gone are the likes of Vine,Vessel. but ideas are difficult to kill ...there's hope for smartwatches yet :)

Update #4 October 2016
Just got red carbon-fiber outer frame/brushed black metal inner frame Pebble Time decals from dbrand. After a year off bumping,scuffing and swimming the old stickers out ,the original metal finish of the watch is still kinda pri…