Malaysia Petrol Prices (2nd WEEK) August 2017 and July 2017 monthly average

LATEST 2nd  WEEK August 2017 

Weekly Fuel Prices .ods file click here
up 5,7,1 sens * why all this weird variables
RON 97 : $2.39/L
RON 95 : $2.12/L
Diesel : $2.06/L

July 2017
The government added weekly petrol prices to obscure the subsidy/taxation from road users.
Malaysians are not given salary weekly thus, budget our expense monthly. Therefore, I would from now on tabulate the monthly average of the ups/downs in Malaysia's petrol prices.

Ron 97 ($2.23/l)(-) ;Ron 95($1.98/l)(-) .  Diesel prices : Normal ($1.96/l(-)), 
Nett reduction of petrol prices but not diesel

June 2017
Ron 97 ($2.25/l)(-) ;Ron 95($1.99/l)(-) .  Diesel prices : Normal ($1.91/l(-)), 
Nett reduction of fuel prices.

May 2017
Ron 97 ($2.38/l)(-) ;Ron 95($2.11/l)(-) .  Diesel prices : Normal ($2.04/l(-)), 
Nett reduction of fuel prices.

April 2017

Ron 97 ($2.475/l)(-) ;Ron 95($2.20/l)(-) .  Diesel prices : Normal ($2.14/l(-)), 
Nett reduction of fuel prices ,in line with global Brent/MYR trend. -7%

March 2017
The government…

List of disaster,natural disaster and epidemic in Malaysia 2010-2017

List of natural disaster and epidemic in Malaysia 2010-2016,

Dengue epidemic (2010- until now)

As of 2016, the official mass media in Malaysia downplay the severity of the dengue epidemic citing that the number of cases/deaths has been reduced from 2015,failing to mention the new broader uptrend of up to 50% in death cases from the period of 2000-2010.

'Excerpt from Epidemiology of Dengue Disease in Malaysia (2000– 2012): A Systematic Literature Review
Abdul Hamid Mohd-Zaki1*, Jeremy Brett2, Ellyana Ismail3, Maı¨na L’Azou4
1 Vector Borne Disease Sector, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2 Sanofi Pasteur, Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore, 3 Sanofi Pasteur, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia, 4 Global Epidemiology Department, Sanofi Pasteur, Lyon, France
Dengue disease remains a major public health concern in Malaysia and is likely to remain endemic for a long time. There has been an increase in the incidence of all forms of dengue disease over 2000–2012. The predomin…

Huawei Watch 1 Review _ Update #1 June 2017

Update #1
June 2017

The Huawei just had its update to Android Wear 2.0 a couple of weeks ago. There is better stability with it managing Bluetooth connection between all my devices ,which to me is the big plus. I still remember Android phones teething problem 4 years ago with Bluetooth connectivity,so I guess it's a common bug.

Uber app is now like a standalone app on the watch itself just pulling data from the phone. So are all apps in the watch,apps are directly installed now to the watch and just accessing the phone for data,location,media,etc.

Notifications now comes in with a gentle buzz,and does not hog the screen.Just swipe up to review all unread notification and swipe left to dismiss! Ahh quick and easy. The only thing I missed was double tapping on the screen brings up the Program/App slider screen. Now you got to use the physical button.

Reviewed May 2017,purchased /use ~ March

The Huawei Watch is the first Android Wear-toting wearable from Huawei, With the advent of new …

JB accident horror: Teen cyclists Killed 18 February 2017 : Cycling guide Malaysia; it is risky business Part 2

Update #1

Could you believe the gall of this particular sociopath to call for public funds in her legal defense. I guess some Malaysians think it is okay to mow down children ? Give her money to later mow down your kids.....

Driver particulars : Ms Sam Ke Ting 21-22 years old
Car : Nissan Almera
Victims :
1. Fauzan Halmijah, 13, SMK Desa Cemerlang

2. Mohammad Azrie Danish Zulkefli, 14, SMK Tan Sri Mohamad Rahmat

3. Muhammad Shahrul Nizam Maruddin, 14, SMK Tan Sri Mohamad Rahmat

4. Muhammad Harith Iskandar Abdullah, 14, SMA Swasta Pasir Gudang

5. Muhamad Shahrul Izzwan Azzuraimee, 15, SMK Dato Abdul Rahman Yasin

6. Haizad Kasrin, 16, SMK Permas Jaya

7. Mohamad Azhar Amir, 16, SMK Permas Jaya

8. Muhammad Firdauz Danish M. Azahar, 16, SMK Damai Jaya


Six teenagers were injured, two others critically in the cycling accident at Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, near here, early this morning. -Facebook Pers…

Landslide causes section of Pan Borneo Highway to collapse

NationHome > News > Nation
Thursday, 18 May 2017 | MYT 6:20 PM


MIRI: A section of the Pan Borneo Highway near Bukit Song, about 30km south of here, caved in due to a landslide on Thursday afternoon.

Miri Fire and Rescue Department chief Supt Law Poh Kiong said a group of firemen and a team from the Public Works Department have been deployed to the site.

"The highway caved in due to a landslide.

"Road users to and from Miri are advised to use the coastal highway for now," he said.

The caved-in portion saw a huge crack more than 10m deep that split the highway.

Fortunately, no vehicles were affected.


Landslide fear in Shah Alam

A landslide near a house in Section 9, Shah Alam. (pix courtesy of reader)
May 10, 2017 @ 9:01am

RESIDENTS of Section 9, Shah Alam, are living in fear of a landslide.
Jamal told Actionline that the modular garden wall of a house in Jalan Raja Abdullah collapsed due to the landslide, causing one side of the road to close.

“The condition of the house has been left like that for months. I am fearful someone might get hurt.
“It is raining every day and that worsens the condition of the soil.”
Jamal said there was a playground near the landslide area.
“Children use the playground daily and just last week after heavy rain, landslide residue washed into the playground.”
Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) has warned the property owner to fix the problem soon.
However, an MBSA spokes-man told Actionline that the council could not do the repair work as it was on private property.
“We have informed the owner to carry out repair work for the landslide that occurred within the vicinity of …

Threat of landslide looms over residents of Bukit Setiawangsa

Posted on 7 May 2014 - 08:44pm Last updated on 8 May 2014 - 12:57pm Haikal Jalil
Soil movement on this concrete retaining exposes residents of Bukit Setiawangsa to the risk of another landslide. SUNPIX by ADIB RAWI YAHYA
KUALA LUMPUR: Bukit Setiawangsa residents fear a repeat of the Dec 28, 2012 landslide is imminent with heavy rain over the week leading to soil movement in Jalan Bukit Setiawangsa.
They are experiencing sleepless nights after noticing earth movement at the exact spot where a shift in soil led to a bungalow being split into two and hundreds evacuating their homes in the days that followed.
The drama began about two weeks ago when residents saw water running down the 50m concrete embankment, covering the slope with fresh earth carried down with the flow.
Resident Azlin Othman, 44, is afraid of a repeat of the incident nearly 17 months ago which also began with similar earth movement.
"Since the previous landslide, there has been little acti…